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Welcome to KickfaceHQ!

The interwebz home of Daniel Kickface and Team Kickface!
I hope you love this retro-theme as much as I do!

This redesign is a theme from Microsoft FrontPage 2003. When I set out to replace WordPress, I wanted something that would bring nostalgia of the old internet back. There are quite a few projects in development from various talented individuals that have a similar goal of restoring what was once old. I have linked a few of the websites below.

You can learn more about me and this website through the various pages linked in the navigation bar on the side.

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FAQ: Why Kickface? What does it mean?!

I offer free courses to the public via my website. The goal of Learn @ KickfaceHQ is to empower people with the knowledge needed to make better informed decisions.

The first full course offered is Media Literacy.

There is gap in learning from form K-12 learning, vocational training, and post-secondary school that should be addressed. While people at all levels will admit the gap exists, little has been done to bridge the gap. To learn more, click Learn @ KickfaceHQ.

The name Kickface, Team KickFace, KickfaceHQ and Daniel Kickface are monikers from my gaming past.

A small group of close friends and I used to gather on the weekends to play various video games in different team pairings. One of my best guy friends and I came up with the name Team Kickface for our team. This name has stuck with me and has a ton of sentimental value to me.

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